Gifts for girlfriends

Being a good gift giver isn’t easy – balancing generosity, thoughtfulness, and not breaking the bank can be difficult – especially if you have a bunch of people to buy for. If you have a few women in your life that you’ll be giving gifts to – this post is for you.

The idea is – this time of year there are so many great gift sets – but why give one person 4 lipglosses, 3 pairs of socks, or 5 pairs of underwear? Not saying that’s a bad thing BUT –  why not buy a couple/few of these sets, break up the contents, and mix & match to create more diverse gift sets??

Below are a few of my favorite sets by category – some of these items come in ‘miniature’ form in their respective gift sets – making them travel and purse friendly! Check it out!

Fancy polish: Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer Trio (set of 3; $25 @ Nordstrom)

Deborah Lippman polish mini trio in ‘She’s Always a Woman’ set

    • Deborah Lippman polish is fancy – typically, sold at higher end dept stores and with a hefty (for nail polish) price tag –  but let’s admit it, a fancy polish is a fun indulgence. Especially DL polishes that come in funky colors (including amazing glitter polishes), and with better staying power. This set comes in a set of 3 mini 0.2 oz bottles (regular size is 0.5 oz. $16-$18). Why not split up the bottles? Pop into a couple different stockings to mix it up?? Most women appreciate a new polish (tip: you can always bring your own polish to a nail place – most will be more than happy to do your nails with a color you bring in yourself)

Comfy/lacey undiesHanky Panky Low Rise Thong (5 pack) (set of 5; $89 @ Nordstrom)

Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong set in ‘Stars Variety’

    • My all time favorite undies – in my opinion, the most comfortable, durable (i.e. won’t stretch out) thong you’ll ever wear. HPs come in many different colors. This gift set (among others they have) mix together a few vibrant colors/patterns – break up this pack of 5 and give a few girlfriends a chance to try a comfy, high quality pair of undies. Not only are they comfortable but they are also cute – hello, they’re lace! – and you won’t have to worry about the dreaded ‘VPL’ (visible panty line) when wearing this thong with dress pants

High-class scented candle: Molton Brown – Langour Piccolo candle set (set of 4; $58 @ Saks)

Molton Brown Langour Piccolo gift set

    • Another thing people resist buying themselves = fancy candles. If you put them in your bedroom or around the bathtub, a nice scented candle can really set the mood of a room. This set comes in a beautiful box but why not break up the 4 candles, wrap each in tissue paper, and drop one in a gift bag or bring alongside a bottle of wine as a romantic hostess gift?
    • Tocca candles; set of 4 – another great set!

Cozy socks: Nap Socks (set of 3; $19.99 @ Brookstone) OR Victoria’s Secret PINK Sock Set (set of 3; $19.50 @ Victoria’s Secret)

NAP Socks in ‘Eggplant’ set

Victoria’s Secret PINK in ‘white/heather/grey/purple’ set

    • A new pair of socks is typically an appreciated, practical gift. Both of these sets offer function alongside style. The Nap socks are super soft and great for lounging – while the Vicky socks are perfect for boot-wearing or layering in cold weather. Break up the 3 pack of socks and pair (pardon the pun) with a candle, and give somebody a relaxation package – kick your feet up, light a candle, and relax…

Luxurious mini hand cream: L’Occitane Hand Indulgences Hand Cream Set (set of 3; $28 @ L’Occitane)

L’Occitane Hand Indulgences gift set

  • A purse must-have in the winter is a moisturizing hand cream. L’Occitane is known for rich and pleasant smelling creams. This set comes in a trio as well. You could pair one of these creams with a Deborah Lippman polish to create a hand pampering package

Purse-size scent: Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum Gift Set (set of 7; $40 @ Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum set

  • Another purse essential is a mini perfume for quick fragrance touch ups. This set by VS comes with 7 mini perfumes – complete with beautiful bottles. Each scent is different which is great, so you can split up and not worry that everyone will suddenly be wearing the same scent 😉 Pair a perfume with the hand cream to create a purse essentials gift kit or maybe pair with the undies for a more sexy gift set

Cute lip-gloss: MAC ‘Guilty Passions’ Cocktail Coral Lipgloss Set (set of 4; $32.50 @ Nordstrom, MAC etc.)

MAC ‘Guilty Pleasures’ lipgloss set

  • I truly believe, a girl can never have too many lipglosses. This set by MAC combines 4 fun colors – in various shades of pink. Break up this set and pair a gloss with the purse-size scent and hand cream to create a fuller purse essentials gift kit or pair with the DL nail polish for a mini make-over gift set

Overall, gift sets make it easier to sample. Combining a couple of these items with a thoughtfully written holiday card would be the perfect gift for a female friend, family member, or co-worker!

thank you, Robyn! for being the inspiration behind this post.

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