Slow down…don’t rush…2013

Some people don’t believe in the whole New Years Resolution ‘thing.’ And sure, people can resolve to change or try something new any time. But this year, I have a different perspective on resolution time. Because, what better time to make a change or try something new but at the start of the new year. Just writing 2013 feels different…wow, another year! How cool!

Outside of trying some new beauty tricks and treatments (which I find super fun) – I want to try my best to stop rushing around.

Most of us have a full plate – between work, family, friends, working out etc. there is a lot we have to balance, women in particular! I constantly find myself rushing from one thing to the next and from one thought to the next. Sometimes working myself into all out panic or an anxious state. 

For me and most people, changing how I do things or think about things is clearly not an overnight change. And in the spirit of not rushing, I’m working to make some mini changes that I am hoping will help me think and move differently over time. 

So, this AM I re-introduced myself to yoga. After more than a year without it – I realized, my work outs are typically focused on cardio and strength training (both are great!) but often times the pace of these work outs feeds into my perpetual feeling of rushing and constant ‘going.’ Yoga, by nature, asks you to slow down and be in the moment. And despite the pace feeling slow – the movements challenge me in a more calming way (it helps to be constantly focusing or being reminded by the instructor to focus on your breathing).

Today, I walked into the studio – which was filled to the brim with regulars and of course, people like me regarded as ‘resolutioners.’ Whatever. I made it and I was ready to try it out again. The class was long – 75 minutes! Holy crap. The pace varied…I had a few moments of ‘oh my gosh, I forgot how hard this is!’ and instead of pushing myself to the point of pain or strain, I would go back into child pose and let myself rest. I probably looked at the clock 8x…finally, at the 50 minute mark I told myself ‘you’re not going anywhere, don’t rush out the door, don’t quit.’ And I stuck it out – fully enjoying the last 5 minutes of shavasana. Ahh CONCIOUS STILLNESS – and I mean true stillness because I’m not staring at some type of screen thinking about words or numbers or posts! I tried to stay in the moment and keep my mind from rushing through thoughts…that was pretty hard. But I did my best not to critique myself too much. I left the class feeling rejuvenated

Getting back into yoga for me is a way to focus on one of my ‘resolutions’ which is to slow down a little. To focus on the moment better. I can’t say it’ll change anything drastically – but I do know, my body and spirit felt better walking out of that class. I walked to my car and drove home more calmly than usual. I actually did the dishes and sat on the couch – and felt slower than usual…and it felt good! 

Do you have a resolution? Big or small, what are you doing to achieve it? 

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