Trader Joes for beauty!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile…I’m a big fan of Trader Joes…the more paycheck friendly natural food store. Food aside, I have found a couple of my favorite beauty products at TJs – read on for details:

Trader Joes Lavendar Salt Scrub (approx. $6) – this body scrub comes in a big tub with a snap cover. I use this almost everyday to scrub off dead skin on my arms and legs. Unlike sugar scrub, it doesn’t dissolve as soon as it hits water. I feel like the salt stays in tact and I can truly exfoliate my skin. I love the lavendar smell! And it’s paraben free. It does leave a bit of an oily film but I typically exfoliate first and then rinse off any residue with body wash.$(KGrHqMOKooE4t5wUsRlBOV-eS,p6!~~60_35

Trader Joes Moisturzing Cream Shave (approx. $3.50) – this creamy shave lotion smells awesome with ‘honey/mango’ scent. And works great. It’s in a tube with a snap top making it easy to use every last bit and travel with. I have sensitive skin and this has never bothered it. For less than $5, it’s much better than any drugstore brand – and it’s paraben free + vegan!1330112424-015779_full

Trader Joes Vitamin E Oil (approx. $4) – I use this periodically on scars or blemishes to help them heal faster and diminish discoloration. It’s also great if you have any really dry patches. mgb1UIedi5oGIG0K-i-D8SA

Do you have any favorite beauty products from Trader Joes?? Share here!

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