Chew these for better skin? Let’s discuss

I came across NeoCell Beauty Bursts “Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews” as I flipped through Natural Health magazine. I was intrigued by this product’s claims. In a nutshell,  NeoCell Beauty Bursts are vitamin chews that claim to help improve your skin’s health and appearance (from the inside – out). They come in 2 flavors, Fruit Punch or Mint Chocolate. Being the perpetual tester that I am and intrigued by a chewy vitamin that could possibly help improve my skin, I grabbed a bag at Whole Foods (for approx. $20). They only had the Fruit Punch flavor which was ok for me!

NeoCell Beauty Bursts

NeoCell Beauty Bursts

So, what’s in these babies?

  • Collagen Type 1 & 3 For Firm, Smooth Skin & Strong Hair & Nails
  • Hyaluronic Acid For Skin Hydration & Renewal
  • Vitamin C:  Collagen Enhancer
  • From the brand: “Having beautiful & radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. Deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable, gourmet soft chews.  Collagen Type 1 & 3 is the body’s beauty protein & strengthens skin, hair & nails. Hyaluronic Acid is known as “Nature’s Moisturizer” & hydrates the skin.  Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin.  Together, these three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out.”
  • No lactose, gluten, or artificial ingredients

My initial thoughts:

  • I get what Hyaluronic Acid is, I’ve used it topically before. I get Vitamin C. But what is/are Collagen Type 1 & 3? And why would I consume it?
    • Found online: Collagen I is found in many bodily structures including bones, skin, and intervertebral disks. Present throughout the body and is the type of collagen most commonly used in the gelatin industry and for research. (I gagged a little reading this). Collagen type III, which can be found in the skin, muscles, and intestinal walls, has been found to be the second most abundant type in the body. It is often closely associated with collagen I. This is because these collagen types are commonly found in the same places and they are synthesized in a similar manner. These collagen types are often combined to form supplements taken to maintain and promote healthy skin, bone, and muscles. (from
    • Over time, our body produces less and less of this ‘connective tissue’ protein. The outcome of less production = increased lines, sagging, and wrinkles as our skin looses this important ‘booster’
    • I’d been chewing these for about a week before I did this research. And after getting more info, I felt a little weird about WHERE this Collagen Type 1  and 3 comes from. It clearly has to be something mammal, right?
      • After doing some more digging, I found the answer on NeoCell site…”all natural sources of bovine hides. all cattle hormone and antibiotic free. grass-fed. free range. pharmaceutical grade. gluten & wheat free.” Hmmm…ew? kinda?  But then I realized, I eat meat. I’m not a vegetarian. If this is a “pure” source, what makes it different from the other products I consume from ‘bovines’? It seems pretty clear though, if you are a vegetarian, you might avoid this product


  • You are directed to take 2 to 4 chews daily. I’m starting with 2 a day for now because I want the bag to last
  • The Fruit Punch chews are quite tasty. Thankfully, no chalky after-taste
  • Didn’t upset my stomach or anything like that (that some vitamins can do)
  • I’ve been trying to take in the AM, when I typically get my vitamins in

After a week of using & my research:

  • I will say, my skin looks brighter! I can’t completely attribute this to the chews though. I’ve been good about washing my face every night before bed. GO ME! And it’s the time of the month when my skin isn’t acting as ‘funky’ from a hormonal perspective
  • I am pretty torn about this product because on one hand I feel like I’ve seen some results. On the other hand, I’m not sure I believe the hype. And yea, I’m a little weird about where they get the collagen…even if it’s from a source I consume regularly as food.
  • I felt better knowing it’s sold at Whole Foods and promoted in natural living magazines/sites though. But I’m not a fool, I know that doesn’t mean it’s “safe” So, I’m still pondering this one for now…

Has anyone else tried a supplement like this?  What do YOU think?

Click here to go to the brand’s website for more information on this product

2 thoughts on “Chew these for better skin? Let’s discuss

  1. I’ve read about ingesting collagen (some people stew bones or something to get a collagen rich stew/soup) and I was really interested to know if these worked. Great post, and don’t forget to keep us updated!! 😀 I really love out of the ordinary beauty tips and tricks 🙂


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