Sue’s Red Quinoa Breakfast Dish

Nick and I are out in Minneapolis to meet our first niece (Sophie Sue) and see her get baptized. This morning, Nick’s Mom, Sue whipped up a delicious dish for us to snack on before church. I wanted to share the recipe because it was the first time I had quinoa as a sweet, breakfast option! could be a great alternative to oatmeal.

Below is the recipe and description of how yummy it tastes.

Ingredients/quick recipe:
~RED QUINOA (needs to be red, it is sweeter than traditional white quinoa)
~water to prepare the quinoa
~once quinoa is cooked Sue adds a dash of OLIVE OIL to keep it from sticking
~once quinoa has cooled…
~toast some SLICED ALMOND on the stove
~in a separate dish, zest an ORANGE PEEL
~Mix the quinoa, toasted almonds, and orange zest in a bowl
~grab an individual serving dish…
~drizzle HONEY on the bottom of the dish
~scoop a cup or so of the quinoa mix into the dish
~on top, add a dollop of RICOTTA and an additional drizzle of honey

I found this filling and super tasty. The crunch of the almonds and snap of the quinoa is a good mix. The orange zest adds a bit of lightness. Ricotta was some nice, added protein.YUM!

Happy Weekend, all!


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