In-office manis aren’t just for the CEO! CC&NP digs Manicube!

Today I FINALLY tried Manicube…this has been a long time coming for me. Let’s start with…

What is Manicube? (straight from their website):

  • If you dread running beauty errands on lunch breaks and weekends, you are in for a treat. Manicube liaises with your office to come to YOU to provide manicures desk-side or in a conference room. Our manicures are quick without compromising quality so you stay professionally polished. We currently offer services in the New York City and Boston area markets.
  • Manicube’s mission: The mission of Manicube is to make working women’s lives easier.
    • Manicube provides women with confidence by offering manicures at their place of work. We hope to make their lives just a little bit easier while adding a bit of color and delight to their workdays! CC&NP LOVES THIS!

Manicube came to my previous company, Hill Holliday and also comes to Digitas where I now work in Boston.

Manicube set up shop on the 8th floor @ Digitas

Manicube set up shop on the 8th floor @ Digitas













How much is it?:

  • I did the Everyday Mani for $15 not including tip (costs go up for other mani options – detailed below)
Manicube options

Manicube’s options







Why I love it:

  • I just love the business idea. I mean, how cool?! It is so smart to me – just knowing how it is being in a busy industry and that getting out of the office for a manicure isn’t usually in the cards. The concept of the mani coming to you is lovely. Also, that your company is essentially saying ‘hey, it’s ok to take a few minutes to yourself to get this done.’ Everyone needs a break once in a while. And we all know (as shallow as it may sound) there is something to “keeping up your appearance” in the professional world . I don’t know about you – but when my nails are all gaggly, I tend to hide my hands! – so hey, treat yourself!
  • You book online – pay with a cc and can include tip up front so all the $$ stuff is out of the way
  • They have a fair cancellation policy. I booked a couple of weeks back and had to cancel last minute. I logged on, cancelled, and they applied a credit to a next visit. I thought that was great. I mean, it happens, sh*t pops up at the last minute so at least you don’t lose your money!

My experience:

  • Today, I went down to the 8th floor where Manicube set up in one of the empty offices

a lot of colors to choose from!

a lot of colors to choose from!

  • My nail tech today was Dina and she was AWESOME. Super friendly and I learned that she also keeps a blog called: She loves beauty, fashion, and tattoo design. LOVE IT.
  • They had a bunch of different polishes to choose from (pic above). I went with “La Vie En Rose”/pastel petal pink by Deborah Lippman. I was pleasantly surprised to find they carried this brand. It’s on the pricier side – but its good polish and doesn’t include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dbp (dibutyl phthlate), or camphor, and are not tested on animals. No parabens, or sulfates

look at that pretty polish!

look at that pretty polish! La Vie En Rose by Deborah Lippman

  • It was a nice service – quick, friendly, and relaxing. Within 15 minutes I was done. Dina applied a couple drops of nail-dry oil. And I was out the door with an added spring in my step

love my new manicure - thanks, Dina!

love my new manicure – thanks, Dina!

Seriously, 15 minutes and I was feeling good. I think it’s an excellent idea for companies to offer this type of service. Either because people don’t always have time to get out of the office/fit these things in OR because it’s a nice, simple treat during a hard working day in the corporate world.

Link to Manicube: You can also email them to see if they could come to your office or corporate event @

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