My “diary” – Isagenixs Days 3 + 4

My thoughts from Isagenix Days 3 + 4:

  • Energy-wise I’ve felt pretty good throughout the day – however, when it comes to my work outs – I don’t feel like I have as much steam. I did a spin class on Day 3 in the PM and although I made it through the class I found myself pretty distracted and struggling a bit throughout it. I wasn’t able to wake up the next AM for a boxing class because I was so drained – instead I want to do a run tonight (Day 4) since the weather is so nice in Boston!
  • My mood has been good! In the morning my mood is particularly good and I’ve felt calm and positive on my morning commute – that’s a big plus! I’ve read quite a few reviews on this system and people mention a feeling of mental clarity and being more energized – I can vouch for that as well
  • The shakes…they’re pretty good. You’re supposed to mix the powder with water. I find them a bit bland but I am used to mixing my protein shakes with water, almond milk or coconut milk, strawberries and/or bananas, and typically some cinnamon. The first 2 Isagenix shakes I had I kept just mix + water. But this morning I threw a banana into the shake and it tasted much better. The shakes are pretty thick – some people don’t love that. I like it because it feels more substantial and filling – but I add extra water if I want to thin it out a little
  • The 2 shakes a day thing is do-able…I’ve been doing 1 for bfast and 1 for dinner – having the 400-600 cal meal for lunch. Pic below of my Day 3 lunch** – it was glorious. I will say – it’s kind of a bummer for me to have a shake while I watch my husband cook up and enjoy a well-rounded dinner. I found myself on Facebook the entire time he cooked/ate because I didn’t want to be tempted by what he was doing.
    • **PS: If you know me well – you know I HATE cold chicken. This program has definitely helped me be LESS PICKY when it comes to eating. I ate that nicely seasoned cold chicken yesterday like it was a plate of perfectly heated nachos
I know what you're thinking  - DAMN that's a big serving...yes, yes it husband put it together for me (such a sweetie!!) - for the record, I didn't eat the entire thing, esp the rice because I knew it was over the calorie count I was going for

I know what you’re thinking – DAMN that’s a big serving…yes, yes it is…my husband put it together for me (such a sweetie!!) – for the record, I didn’t eat the entire thing, esp the rice because I knew it was over the calorie count I was going for

  • I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers at the end of this 9 days. I signed up on Day 3 and entered in everything I ate just to see what the Isagenix system equates to – funny enough, my meals/snacks for the day came in at the Weight Watchers points I’d be allotted (26 a day) – nice! It made me realize – this is a good next step for me. I want to continue to do a shake everyday (most likely for bfast) but I can manage my other meals on the Weight Watchers system and not have to worry about having to have a 2nd shake everyday – it’s just not realistic for me on an ongoing basis to substitute 2 meals for 2 shakes
    • Side note, the Isagenix shakes with water-only are 6 pts on WWs. My Vega Sport protein powder with water-only (read post of it —> here) is only 3 pts. The Vega Sport protein is soy/dairy/gluten free and I’ve loved it for awhile. So I might go back to those for breakfast because they’re a lower pt value and I still find them filling for a couple hrs
  • Although I’ve been tempted at times to cave and grab some candy at work or have a beer with my husband on the couch – I’ve been able to fight temptation successfully. It wasn’t all that difficult. I think a big reason is that when I started this program I was fully ready and committed to make some changes. I really don’t want to get off track. I remind myself that 9 days isn’t a very long time and that so many people have seen amazing results from this program. I am so curious to find out if it’s as successful for me! That suspense is keeping me going. I might take my measurements midway through just to see…and I’ve been weighing myself here and there (still about 3 lbs down) – but the one thing I’ve noticed is that my clothes feel a bit roomier. It could all be ‘in my head’ because I know I’m consuming less – but either way, it’s a good feeling!
  • I’ve also found that so many friends/acquaintances when they hear about what I’m doing are very supportive. They give me words of encouragement. It’s pretty nice! The more people I tell – the more likely I am to stick to it – I really don’t want to tell everyone ‘actually, I quit after day 4 and went on a huge binge’ – feels kinda embarrassing haha. I’d rather be an inspiration that these things are totally do-able!
  • It’s good to have a tangible goal in mind other than a # on the scale / inches you want to lose. Maybe it’s feeling your best for a class reunion OR being ready for your annual family pool party OR being able to better keep up with your active kids. Mine is looking better in a bathing suit this summer! Call it vain – but whatever, I want to put it on and feel good. I also want to see if this program will help me minimize the awesome cellulite that thrives on the back of my thighs. Overall, I want to feel more solid – in my bikini and in my work out clothes…I want to look fit – lean & mean. I’m not into that uber thin look. Picturing your goal in your “minds eye” is also a good thing to do when you get discouraged at any pt during the program

 Check back tomorrow for my Days 5 + 6 thoughts!

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