Tried & True: Crest Whitestrips

I’ve used these for years…and thankfully, Crest has continually improved the product. Now, the strips stay on more easily (i.e. advanced seal), and the professional effects is less harsh on my gums. I’m a big coffee drinker and every once in awhile I look in the mirror and notice my smile looking dull. I pop a set of these in, either before bed, or on the way to work. The results are immediate! I’ve done these before a night out and people have commented on my white smile. I consider these ‘tried & true’ – I have to have a box in the bathroom.

I thought I would add, you don’t need to wear these everyday – initially, depending on your teeth color, you might want to use for a few days. But then, you really only need them here and there for maintenance. I might use them 2 days in a row now, then stop…or use them 2-3 days in a row leading up to a big event. This helps the box last longer and avoid gum line irritation from over exposure.

The ~$40 price tag is steep. But hey, they’re cheaper than professional whiting. I am going to save professional whiting for when I’m older and might really need it. These are key before big events…weddings, Jersey Shore weekends etc.

you can order online as well – I love Granted, if you need them last minute this won’t help! But, if you plan ahead you can order from here, usually get free shipping and this site often has sales:

Tried & True: Ren Facial Moisturizer

I am officially moving a face moisturizer I first tried back in the beginning of 2011…to ‘tried & true’ status. This was the original post:

I was initially drawn to this line because it is paraben free. This is a great moisturizer – I have dry, sensitive skin, that is break out prone in certain areas. This moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated without being too greasy. It’s a great base for make up. The bottle lasts 3-4 months which helps offset the cost, which is ~$50. I realized this was a tried & true when I switched to a different moisturizer for a period of time and found that my skin broke out almost immediately. When I switched back, my skin went back to normal. This is good stuff especially for crazy combination skin!

Tried & True = Johnson’s Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder

First of all, why not regular baby powder? Because, after years of use, I’ve been learning more and more about the ‘risks’ of talc powder. Granted, these aren’t new findings but there have been reports that the use of talc has been connected with forms of cancer. I know, everything is linked to cancer these days. But, I am trying my best lately to avoid these types of chemicals, where possible. Therefore, I tested the cornstarch powder (talc-free!) from Johnson’s hoping it’d be an easy switch.

Thankfully, it was. The smell of the cornstarch version is pretty different than traditional baby powder – but the smell, which is called ‘magnolia petals,’ is light and sweet. I use this powder for many things – in my gym shoes after a sweaty work out, under my arms in place of deodorant sometimes. My boyfriend also uses this stuff – a little sprinkle in your gym shorts, can make a work out more comfortable – totally throwing him under the bus ;). I’ve even sprinkled a little on Howie when I thought he smelled funny…believe it. You can get the Johnson’s Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder at any drugstore – I got mine at Target. Cost less than $5 and last A LONG TIME…very long.

Looks like they also have the scent in ‘Lavendar & Chamomile’ on – like it!

Tried & True = Rosebud Salve

Plain and simple…I tried it years ago and now it’s a go to lip gloss. It moisturizes well, is colorless, and last forever. It is one of those lipglosses your boyfriend can borrow when suddenly he needs ‘some chapstick.’ It’s not glittery or sticky – it just works. My only gripe was that when I left the metal tin in my car the salve melted everywhere…granted, I could have guessed this would happen to most semi-liquids on a hot summer’s day, but it was still annoying. THEN, The Rosebud Perfume Co. came out with a tube version of the salve – solving this dilemma. Also solving the ‘I’m at a bar, I really don’t want to dip my dirty finger into this pot and spread it on my lips’ dilemma. I now use the tube and I bring it with me everywhere. For $6 you can’t go wrong. I usually buy @ Sephora

Side note: it has ‘other uses’ according to the package – diaper rash, treating minor burns…I’ve never used it for any of these purposes, but it’s nice to think it’s multi-functional ha

Find here: