Dry shampoo – what’s the hype?

Dry shampoo…WTF is that?

It sounds random…I used to sprinkle baby powder in my hair thinking it was the same idea. But no, baby powder is rumored to help reduce greasiness…but I always seemed to have a white coating in my hair even after I patted it out. So, I tried dry shampoo

I’ve tried a couple of brands…I am about to move this specific product/brand to ‘tried & true’ status because when it runs out, I panic.

Usually, after I wash and blow dry/straighten my hair, it will stay ‘clean’ for at least a day, unless I go to the gym. Dry shampoo has helped me wait a couple days between shampoos…or freshen up my hair before I go out after work. Not only does it rid my roots of greasiness…it also revamps the volume a bit. You simply spray on the root line (I focus on the top of my head, and around my face hairline). Then, I use my hands, or a tissue to tousle it around – which I guess works the product into the hair. You don’t need to wash/wipe it out. Spray, rub, boom…you’re done.

Of the brands I’ve tried – this one has worked the best: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P209113&categoryId=B70

With the Ojon brand, my hair doesn’t get flat…I noticed with the Tressemme kind my hair fell really flat.

I usually get the smaller, $13 Ojon bottle because it fits easily into my gym bag – which is another time I use it. If I got to the gym at lunch, I don’t have time to wash/dry my hair. So I spray some of this in, tousle, style a bit, and head back to work. This bottle usually lasts me a couple of months (I’ll use it a few times a week)

At my last hair appointment, my stylist mentioned my hair looks healthier…I credit that to washing it less frequently because of the dry shampoo.

Seriously, try this…it’ll change your life.

3 thoughts on “Dry shampoo – what’s the hype?

  1. Hey Beth,

    LOVE the blog! I’m a huge blog reader and am even more excited to read ones by cool people i actually know.

    I have this dry shampoo as well, but the nozzle clogged up after my second use. I’ve tried running it under hot water, but haven’t been able to get it to work again. I was kinda bummed as I was looking forward seeing how it worked. Eeek!

    Keep up the blogging!!! I need work distractions!


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