Paraben free – very affordable – body wash

I finally found a low priced (only $2.99 on paraben free body wash! I originally found it at Walgreens. It is made by St. Ives. I love love love the creamy coconut smell. It is a great scent for the summer. This body wash left my skin clean/moisturized. And if you know me, it didn’t bother my skin, so it works on sensitive skin.

I have been trying to use paraben free products, when possible. Admittedly, much of my favorite make up and self tanners are not paraben free. But I try to avoid it where I can, given its link to cancer…article here:

When I read about it, it really freaks me out. However, the FDA has not banned the use of parabens in cosmetic products As read here:

Quite frankly, that doesn’t mean they’re safe…parabens have been banned in other countries, such as Denmark. We’ll just have to keep a watchful eye out for more studies done by/in the US.

To find the St. Ives paraben free body wash go to:

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