Follow-up: a good body brush

In my post about cellulite treatments (see link below!) – I mentioned the technique of using a body brush to massage ‘trouble’ areas while in the shower or bath. Working the brush in a circular motion over the skin is supposed to bring blood flow/improve circulation to the area, and therefore, help (more so temporarily) diminish the appearance of cellulite.

I have been testing out this technique and have noticed some improvement. Also, my skin is extra soft, not surprisingly as the bristles are exfoliating as well. I like the brush technique because it is quick, easily fits into my daily shower routine, and low-cost.  

Initially, I was using a plastic bristled brush I found at CVS – but it felt harsh on my skin. I found a nicer/more gentle brush at The Body Shop – I thought I would share:

The Body Shop Cactus Body Brush

It’s a $15 brush, but per the product reviews, it is durable and should last years. Keep in mind, you can also find these brushes at Homegoods or Marshalls for cheap – but if you want a definitive place to find one – The Body Shop is the way to go.

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