Quick Beauty Tip #3: the many functions of baby wipes

Quick Beauty Tip #3:

Baby wipes…they can play an even more valuable role outside of the bathroom/away from the changing table.

For me – baby wipes come in handy in other situations – specifically for air travel, car travel, at the beach, and while applying make up  

And when I say baby wipes, I mean baby wipes…not antibacterial wipes…I usually go with sensitive skin-version.

 How/when I use them:

  • Aside from hand sanitizer and lotion, I always pack a travel size set of wipes in my purse when flying. They’re great for freshening up during/after a long flight (hello, layovers!).  You never know when there might be a spill, and patting one on your neck mid-flight can cool you off…especially if you’re a nervous flyer like me!
  • I keep them in the car…good to have around if you’re eating something sticky, or during the summer when eating an ice cream cone in traffic, who else does this?!
  • At the beach – maybe I have OCD, but I have to have wipes at the beach. I hate sunblock/sand hands, ew. I use the wipes to get the sand off my hands / keep myself stick-free
  • When I am doing my make up, I use one to wipe my foundation-covered hands. Or, if I am blending eye shadows with my fingers (which I usually prefer over an applicator), I wash my finger tips clean with a wipe, as not to mix colors! Some people might go to the bathroom to wash, or use a towel, I find baby wipes helpful while I’m in the midst of doing my make up

 Typically, I use the CVS-brand Soft Clothes for sensitive skin:

They have a $0.99 travel pack which is great, takes up little room in my purse. Target also has good wipes, for cheap (up & up brand)

 If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, paraben-free alternative – they sell Punky Business wipes on Drugstore.com. They’re a bit more expensive @ $4.99 a pack, but they’re gentle, made in the USA, and better for the environment.

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