Tried & True: Covergirl Lipslick

A lot of us have that one make up or product we’ve used for years…

One such item for me is: Covergirl Lipslicks Lipgloss* in Cutie

The tried & true CG...this thing has been through war with me

I have literally used this since high school…and keep it in my purse at all times. It costs less than <$5 at CVS (link below to find on

Cutie is a neutral color – I use it year round. It looks good on a variety of skins tones – I know, because it has been successfully shared over the years (how many times do we borrow each other’s lip glosses at the bar? Germy or not, sometimes you have to do it)

I took the above picture of my CG Cutie gloss while out to dinner the other night…I was trying to show that I use cosmetics/products available at a variety of price points. I am willing to pay more for better quality…but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy, and continue to purchase high quality products that also happen to cost much less. My goal is to share a variety of products, at a range of price points…it all comes back to the quality. I also like to share paraben free/healthier alternative products when I find something good.

This gloss is a great go-to, and won’t break the bank.

Do you have a ‘go to’ beauty product that you’ve used for years? If so, please share!

*for reference, this gloss, it is not paraben free

2 thoughts on “Tried & True: Covergirl Lipslick

  1. I have been using the SAME lip gloss in the SAME color since high school and I love it! I usually have 3 tubes going at a time… one in my makeup bag, one in my purse, and one at work!


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