The hunt for…the best self tanner continues

Finding the best self tanner is like the hunt for the best pizza in Boston – there are so many alright ones, a couple bad…and then, a few noticeable leaders.

Back in February, I did a post on self tanners (link at the bottom of this post!)…Since then, I have been relying on a couple of  ‘go to’ brands. However, recently, I was convinced to try a new brand of self tanner called: St. Tropez. I resisted at first because I wasn’t interested in spending more than $15, let alone $40 on self tanner. But, one of the helpful ladies at Sephora guided me in my purchase and how best to apply the product…and the end result was REAL GOOD.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (link to product below)

  • First, she suggested I go with the bigger 8 oz. size for $40…considering the next size down was the 4 oz. size for $30!
    • The cost to ounce ratio is $5 for the 8 0z. and $7.50 for the 4 oz. Dang!
  • She asked me if I would be applying the product in a bathroom with tile floors/white grout…I am indeed! She recommended I DON’T go with the spray because that can be messier and get into cracks and crevices. She suggested I go with the foam – that is easier to apply and stays put
  • Her most helpful suggestion was to spend an extra $6 on the Tan Applicator Mitt (link to product below). It’s reuse-able, and washable. It provides an easier, streak-free application…and it helps buff out uneven color. You squirt the foam directly onto the mitt and rub it around:

St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt

  • The foam is a brown color, which I found helpful when I was applying because I could see where I was putting it/not putting it. It blends in well, so once it was applied it wasn’t a funky color…I could have gone out with it on

The end result…natural looking tan color…I even used the mitt to apply some to my face. I feel like it gave me a healthy glow with one application – the color developed over time, but the initial tint gave me an immediate, yet subtle glow. Another thing I liked, the bottle still feels full! Despite using ~10-12 pumps to cover my body, it doesn’t feel like I made a big dent in the bottle. If anything else, get the mitt because it should be helpful in applying most self tanners!

(next time, I’ll do a before and after shot of the color!)

St. Tropez – buy @ Sephora or (I’m sure it’s sold other places too, but there is where I got mine):

For the original self tanning post, which includes a review of a lower priced (and great!) self tanner – click below:

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