cool beauty accessory: the eye mask

This one beauty accessory/tool came to mind today…as the temperatures soared towards 90 degrees and stresses were high across the city. Ever notice how much more agitated people get in the heat? Ugh.

Well, if you’re in need of relaxing and cooling off at the end of the day – this is a great accessory to have on hand.

It’s the hot or cold eye mask

Below is a pic of my sage green terry-cloth eye mask…purchased at Marshalls for less than $10. You can find it in the bath/beauty section.

Anti-Stress Eye Mask - hot or cold relief 'soft & soothing collection'

It’s always waiting patiently in my freezer to de-stress and de-puff. It can also be microwaved at 30 second intervals for a warming effect. The outside/terry cloth liner is machine washable. And, it keeps the pack insulated and keeps the pack from being too cold/warm against the skin.

he enjoys this mask, he's not a normal dog

Simply remove from freezer – sit or lay down, and rest across your eyes.

Easily found at Marshalls, and other discount stores. The eye mask is soothing after a hot day, or a stressful one. It also works to de-puff eyes and help relieve migraines/headaches.

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