Can you dig — The Twistband?

This simple little accessory appeared less than a week ago in my second Birchbox (see link below for details on the second Birchbox/what that is).

At first I thought to myself…THIS is a HAIR ELASTIC? See pic:

The black 'Twistband' hair elastic I received in my second Birchbox

It’s called The TWISTBAND. It looks like a tied piece of material. But that’s the beauty in it – it’s so simple. Yet so cute! Since I got it – it’s been the only hair elastic I’ve been using. Weird!

Why I like:

  • The soft/stretchy elastic doesn’t pull at my hair
  • It passed the gym test! I wore my hair in a pony tail and it DIDN’T fall out. It didn’t even loosen up! Which usually happens to me during a more fast paced workout
  • And it looks so cute on my wrist! Seriously, maybe it’s the lil knot…maybe I’m crazy. But it’s different

I decided to read more about The Twistband- the back story drew me in because I’m a sucker, I guess. 😉

The company was started by Jessica Frandson. At the time of ‘invention’ she was a new mom…she was getting used to her hair being pulled by the baby…and starting to realize her go-to hairdo needed to be the pony tail. Traditional hair bands hurt her head and her wrist, so Jessica twisted a soft piece of elastic trim to hold her hair back – “thus creating the first Twistband.”

The company officially launched in 2009…she sells the brand at retail stores nationwide (looks like specialty boutiques).

Twistbands are also sold off the website – and come in some cute/funky colors – link to the website below

Twistbands are sold in packs of 6 for $10 through the Twistband website

Twistband has received a lot of press – featured on The Today Show, in Lucky Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Shape magazine…just to name a few!

I’ll admit it – I went on the website and ordered a pack of Twistbands. 1 hair elastic is not enough for me! And I want some funky colors…

What do you think of this? Would you pay ~$1.60 per hair elastic if it was more comfortable, kept your hair up better, and looked cute on your wrist (vs. a traditional hair elastic)? Or, is this bonkers?

Birchbox #2 blog post:

4 thoughts on “Can you dig — The Twistband?

  1. I hate that my hair falls out at the gym every single time! No elastics work! But with you and your Heather Locklear hair approval, I’m in!!


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