Gym bag must-HAVES

This post is dedicated to Robyn! What a great suggestion.

Everyone has gym essentials…and what better place to share those essentials but here on CC&N (cupcakes&nailpolish!)

Below is my list of 10 gym bag essentials! In no particular order…oh and I added a couple extra, I had to!

  • Mini Deodorant($0.99 find in the travel section at Target, CVS, etc.)
    • Why? – it is possible to forget to apply deodorant before work…hey, I am tired in the AM! But I don’t want to forget to apply before or after a sweaty work-out. So I carry a travel size Dove deodorant at all times. It smells nice too…so I get wafts of nice smelling air during my work-out haha
  • Oil absorbing sheets ($10 for Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens found at Sephora)
    • Why? – sometimes I don’t have time to shower after yoga…I can admit it. However, to ensure I keep control of tha’ shine on my face – I use one of these sheets to absorb excess oil and avoid shine. Plus, this tiny box takes up no room!
    • Link to Boscia linens on
  • Extra pair of socks (~$5-$10 a pack, depends on brand. I’m not loyal to any particular brand – my one requirement is they must be ‘no show’ )
    • Why? – sock-less sneakers are the worst. Especially if you’re doing spin…or something with cardo. I always carry an extra pair just in case.  I swear by the ‘no show’ socks that hit below your ankle and are essentially hidden by your shoes…sorry, I can’t stand ankle biting socks
    • Link to some Puma no-show socks on Amazon:
  • Extra sports bra (~$17, I like the Champion sports bras found at Target, they have a nice ‘seamless’ version…that keeps its shape really well, link below)
  • iPod ($149…I have a Nano, it’s currently busted…therefore, no running for Beth)
    • Why? – I am one of those people who cannot run without music. I always put my iPod back into my gym bag because I refuse to run without it…and I don’t need any more excuses not to exercise!
  • mini body lotion ($5, I love the mini Pacifica body lotion in Hawaiian Ruby Guava…sold at Sephora, link below)
    • Why? – although the gym offers free lotion, I prefer this delicious smelling, paraben free lotion. It’s doubles as a light perfume…because it smells so yummy. I like to apply after the shower @ the gym when my skin tends to feel dry from the hot water
    • Link to Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava lotion on
  • extra disposable razor (any kind, doesn’t matter)
    • Why? – I occasionally forget to shave under my arms…and that can get embarrassing in the weight area at the gym. Always good to have in case you need a quick touch up!
  • mini hair brush($5 Target, CVS, etc.)
  • Tampon(s) ($8-$9, and not just any kind…I swear by Kotex U brand – see pic below)
    • Why? – these are so compact…the individual packaging does not break open in your bag like some tampon wrappers, seriously. And they come in funky colors…they are bright…you can spot them easily at the bottom of your bag in an emergency. Literally, the only cool thing to happen to ‘your period’ in a long time (ew)
    • Link to Kotex U on
  • Make up removing face wipes ($12 for 25 wipes – I like the Korres brand from Sephora, link below)

    • Why? – carrying these wipes is much easier than carrying face wash and eye make up remover. This is an ‘all in one’ cleaning system. No one wants to leave the gym with raccoon eyes. I like this kind by Korres, they are paraben free and for combo skin. There are a bunch of drug store brands that are great too! I have hung onto Korres because of my sensitive/eczema prone skin
    • Link to Korres wipes on
    • There is also a Sephora brand that is paraben free $9 for 25 wipes:
  • Extra hair elastics ($3 I like the Scunci no-damage elastics…sold in big packs…CVS, Target etc., link below)
    • Why? – as if I need to explain…I do not work out with my hair down, ever. I literally get annoyed at people who do. It’s like watching a wild cavewoman. Oh and, without a hair elastic my work out is toast…and it always feels good when someone is looking for one and you can save the day!
    • Link to Scunci elastics on
  • Extra mini hair clips (~$4-$5 CVS, Target etc.)

    • Why? – I hate when bangs or fly aways get in my face during a work out…they tickle! And it’s so distracting. I throw a couple extra mini clips in my bag to keep these babies BACK
  • Mini bottle of dry shampoo ($13 at Sephora, I swear by the Ojon brand)

    • Why? – I don’t have time to wash and dry my hair after a mid-day work out…so I SWEAR by dry shampoo. I carry this mini bottle in my gym bag like it’s a piece of pure gold. After a particularly sweaty work out…I shower (obv!) but instead of washing my hair…I use the dryer, and brush, and a few sprays of the Ojon dry shampoo to rub out the oils…and freshen my hair before returning to work. DO IT…it’ll change your life.
    • Link to the Ojon to-go spray bottle on

Last but not least…

  • Mini bottle of PERFUME (free w/ purchase at Sephora, or just ask for samples at Sephora/or a dept store)
    • I carry a mini bottle of Chloe with a secure pop top…I got it free with the purchase of the regular size from Macy’s. Chloe is such a light, girly smell, love it!

Chloe perfume

    • Why? – after a good work out, everyone needs a little spritz of freshness. I don’t like to carry a normal size bottle of perfume…I’m scared of leakage, and it can be heavy! A couple dabs on your wrist and neck…boom, you’re fresh
    • Also – if you live or work in Boston – The Perfume Corner carries MANY mini perfumes – see my post on this awesome store:

Clearly, I am an overpacker…but maybe I’ll give you guys some ideas.

What are your gym bag essentials?? Please share!

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