Quick Beauty Tip #4: the lazy woman’s ‘iron’

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted last…but, I’m back! And ready to share more tips and tricks.

The other morning, while ironing a black Gap dress in a hotel room…atop of a hotel towel in the bathroom…working feverishly to get all the wrinkles out of the dress that had been stuffed in my carry-on, I realized how much I missed my ‘iron.’

Some people aren’t bothered much by clothes wrinkles…I am not one of those people. I hate wrinkles – to me, nothing makes a cute outfit look straight up sloppy than tons of wrinkles. The funny thing is, I’m also the type of gal who keeps a lot of clothing thrown around my room…including, on the floor. So, needless to say, my clothes are naturally prone to wrinkles – but I refuse to leave the house until they are smoothed out.

So, to get to the point/Quick Beauty Tip #4 – first, let me caveat that I own a traditional iron. I love me a good iron – that has strong steam, multiple material settings, and an automatic shut off…in case I forget to unplug, eeek! However, upon moving into a condo with a washer/dryer, I have since abandoned (for the most part) my trusty iron. Why you ask?

BECAUSE, I adopted the lazy woman’s iron – or, what I would like to call, the ‘I’m too busy in the morning to plug in an iron, wait for it to heat up, iron my clothes, and then remember to unplug it before I run out the door.’

The tip/trick – it is simple, you have something (a shirt, pants, skirt, dress etc.) with wrinkles – you put it into THE DRYER on a medium setting for a few minutes to remove the wrinkles. Then, you take the time you would have spent ironing – and do your hair, make up, eat breakfast, or watch Good Morning America with full attention.

BUT, the coolest trick – if you have an item that is prone to wrinkles and harder to get wrinkles out of — you need to take this extra step…

  • Take a clean wash clothwet in with water, ring it out a little because you don’t want it sopping wet
  • Throw the wet wash cloth in the dryer with your wrinkle prone clothing – with the dryer heat, the wetness will help smooth out harder to smooth wrinkles, almost like the steam from an iron!
  • Sometimes I throw a dryer sheet in if I need to freshen up a piece of clothing that’s been in a heap on the floor 🙂
  • Set the dryer on medium heat, and give it 8-10 minutes or so
  • Then remove…your item is wrinkle free!

And another bonus, when you open the dryer it shuts off…and you’re done. I can’t tell you how many times I used a traditional iron and while driving to work spent at least 20 minutes panicking that I left it on…envisioning my building engulfed in flames, seriously.

There it is…the BUSY woman’s iron. Use it if you get a chance!

3 thoughts on “Quick Beauty Tip #4: the lazy woman’s ‘iron’

  1. YES! I have been doing this for years! Mostly cause I am supa lazy and HATE ironing. It’s so hard, frustrating and time consuming. This option is sooo easy and I also like the added bonus of being able to freshen up clothes before wearing them =)


  2. I too do this- but i use a water spritz bottle to spritz down my clothes to make them slightly damp to get those wrinkes out!

    Also- especially when traveling and the dryer isnt an option- i am a big fan of showering with my clothes… just need to be careful so you dont get them wet or get any soap on them! Most hotel room showers are big enough that this isnt a problem 🙂


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