Oil pulling…giving it a shot

I woke up this AM and decided it was time to try oil pulling. I had picked up a new jar of Coconut Oil yesterday at The Common Crow an awesome natural food store in Gloucester, MA. I wrote a post on some of the benefits of Coconut oil awhile back: read here. But at that time I had no idea what oil pulling was. Over the last year, I’ve heard about it more and more. I wonder, is it just another health fad? I don’t know! This is a great post by Wellness Mama that explains what oil pulling is and benefits of it.

What sparked me to finally try? In 2 different conversations this past week – I noticed some pearly whites…and had to say “your teeth look so white!” And I got the same response (2 different people, 2 different conversations) = “I’ve been doing oil pulling!” Boom. Done. Convinced me to try since I love whitening my teeth but those damn strips huuuurt my teeth and gums, ouch. Could this be a healthier, more comfortable alternative??

In a nutshell, I swished some coconut oil around my mouth this morning – what I’m hoping to get out of it – whiter teeth and fresher breath…oh and, I have 2 crowns that always bother me…hoping it helps clean around those babies. 

new jar of Coconut Oil. Ready to be swished

new jar of Coconut Oil. Ready to be swished

My initial reaction when I put it in my mouth…a big glob of room temp coconut oil – “oh gross…gross…so thick.” But then I started swishing it around and realized it tastes faintly like coconut and nothing else- shocking, I know. I love the taste of coconut, that helps. The texture is thick but as you swish it around it starts to thin out. I tried to do it for the recommended 15-20 mins…they say it’s good to do it in the shower – 2 birds, 1 stone! But I did it while watching a movie…and I only lasted about 10 mins. Which I was fine with for my first time. My jaw actually got tired. Clearly, I need to relax my swishing a bit.

I brushed my teeth after, as recommended to remove any lingering bacteria. My mouth feels clean. No after-taste or oily feeling on my teeth.

I’ll check back in a week or so to let you know what I think. And let you know if there are any noticeable differences. 

Have you tried oil pulling??

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