cool off now

this is not make up or a skin care product…but a couple of these babies will definitely make your face glllooww.

On this ridiculously hot day (let’s put it on record: it is 88 degrees at 8:30PM in Boston! There is an ‘excessive heat warning’ on for the region) – you need a yummy cold drink…I was recently introduced to whipped cream vodka, and now it’s a new fave.

Whipped Cream's literally whipped cream flavored vodka

You can find it at most liquor stores….thankfully.

You can mix it will just about any soda or juice (i.e. orange, pineapple, grapefruit). Below is a recipe using whipped cream vodka – it’s just sweet enough, and sure to cool you off!

Ingredients: ice, whipped cream vodka, club soda, pineapple juice

Directions (my non-bartender/throw it together in your kitchen recipe):

  1. Fill your glass halfway with ice
  2. Then, fill your glass a quarter of the way (ok maybe less, depends on the day you had) with Whipped Cream vodka
  3. Fill your glass the rest of the way with soda water
  4. Now add a splash of pineapple juice (I like to add more than a splash, I like the sweetness)

BOOM, done.

If you want to go really sweet – substitute the club soda for pineapple juice. If you wanna go tropical, add a splash of pina colada mix.

Yum! Enjoy…and I hope everyone is keeping cool tonight!

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