Don’t forget the stocking stuffers! 10 unisex stocking stuffer ideas

ImageStocking stuffers are totally fine to leave until the last minute – at least I think so! Below is a list of 10 unisex stocking stuffers. Each quite different from the other! The below is an alternative to the typical candy canes and marshmallow Santas (which I love!)

All under $20

  1. Mario Badescu Dry Lotion – this stuff is magic. And although it goes on pink, it is meant to be worn at night…and will zap a pimple in no time. Especially those painful ones that seem to last weeks. Not to name-names, but my husband swears by this and I usually put a bottle in his stocking. Click the above link for more information. $17 / available @ Nordstrom


    MB drying lotion – pimple zapper

  2. Tide To Go Pen(s) – I never think to buy these myself but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled something on myself and a friend has pulled a Tide pen out and saved the day. These things are clutch when you are out and about. They are purse/pocket friendly. This set of 3 is less than $10 / available at Target, CVS etc.


    Tide To Go pen = shirt saver!

  3. Lip Balm Stick – this one by Avalon Organics is my favorite (approx. $3). It has a rosemary + vanilla scent which is guy-friendly. It conditions the lips really well without adding too much shine. It uses beeswax and organic oils to moisturize, lovely! Avalon Organics available at some specialty health foods stores and super markets (i.e. Stop & Shop) – I’d double check Avalon’s site first to confirm

    Avalon Organics Soothing Rosemary Vanilla lip balm

    Avalon Organics Soothing Rosemary Vanilla lip balm

  4. Weekly/Monthly Planner – I love this one by Blue Sky – available at Target. It is travel friendly. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly double booking myself – and having a planner helps me track everything from social engagements to dentist appointments. This one is less than $10 – who couldn’t use a good planner?


    A weekly planner can be a lifesaver – available in many colors. This one is durable!

  5. iTunes card – this might not seem that creative, but with all the apps you can download now and the fact that you can buy Apple products through the iTunes store as well, there is a lot someone can do with an iTunes card. And you can pick one up almost anywhere. You don’t have to worry about a big increment because even $10 will buy someone a bunch of songs or a couple movie rentals. Available in a variety of increments @ CVS, Best Buy etc.
  6. Vitamin C Gummies – these have been a lifesaver for me this winter. I try to take them everyday and since they’re tasty and in gummy form, it makes it much easier to remember. Available at supermarkets, Target, Trader Joes etc.


    Yummi bears – available at Target

  7. Dark Chocolate – I consider this a healthy gift…I’m sure most of us have read about the benefits of DARK chocolate. Trader Joes has a great sampler right now – which includes a few different bars. The link above is to Godiva – a dark chocolate peppermint crunch bar, yum! Try for at least 70% cacao. This Godiva is 50%, I still think that’s good – hey, it’s the Holidays!
  8. Poo-Pourri – yup, you read that right. This little bottle can come in handy especially when you are visiting someone. Or, it’s a nice thing to leave out in your bathroom if you have guests. And hey, at the very least, it’ll make someone laugh! Available at specialty stores/boutiques, check the site for a location near you. Approx. $10


    Poo-Pourri – how cute, right??

  9. Mini tweezers – a unibrow doesn’t look good on anyone. I think everyone should have a good pair of tweezers handy. I love this mini pair by Tweezerman – it comes in a little tube case for easy/clean storing. $15 / available @ Sephora


    Tweezerman mini – in a manly blue!

  10. Comfortable pen(s) – might sound boring, but most people appreciate a good pen! One that writes smoothly! And this can be a good reminder to send thank-you notes for all the gifts you may receive. I love these Pilot G2 rollers, super easy to write with! 3 pack approx. $5 @ Target


    Pilot G2 pens – smooth thank-you note writin’

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